Monday, October 14, 2013

Ministry Update

Just wanted to mention some things that we have been praying about:

Srey Tuit is one of the most faithful teenagers in our church. She attends every meeting she can. She understands spiritual truths more than most in the group, but has much difficulty because of her family. Both her older sisters are unsaved as far as I know. Her mother and father both drink. Every day she has to go wash vegetables at the market to help support the family. Not too long ago, maybe 2 months back, Srey Tuit told us that her father had stopped drinking. He had been very sick and was told that if he kept drinking it would kill him. Well, he stopped completely until about the time the flooding reached their house…  ... but her mom was in church yesterday for the first time. Pray that we’ll be able to lead Srey Tuit’s family to Christ.

Deenah, a young man we mentioned before by letter and on Twitter, is quite interested in the gospel, interested as if he has never heard anything about Jesus. He listens in the church services, but his dad is a teacher of Buddhism. Please pray for an open heart and further opportunities as we try to reach him for Christ.

The flooding has gone down considerably around the river. Many other parts of Cambodia have been severely affected this year. Rainy season is almost over now, but there has been much loss.

The opposition party that boycotted parliament after contesting election results has planned more protests beginning on the 23rd.

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